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The Coral: home algae farming
Designed By:Hyunseok An
Commissioned by:Self-directed project at school
Country by:United States

‘The Coral’ is an indoor micro-algae farm designed to rebuild a relationship with algae, critical for sustainability yet less appreciated, in our everyday lives. This edible, air-purifying micro-algae wall proposes a more, better sustainable way of living. The modular system allows you to eat algae everyday as simple as to grow and eat basil at home. Also, this bioreactor pulls 10 times as much CO2 in the air as regular plants, which contributes to reducing your environmental footprints. Besides, the ever-changing representation augments an indoor experience, allowing us to welcome the algae farm at home for decorative installation. The Coral suggests a socially acceptable way of bringing algae, which helps us take one step forward to a better sustainable way of living.