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  • Dan Menchions
    Dan Menchions
    Partner, II BY IV DESIGN & Partner, REPUBLIC OF II BY IV
    Country: Canada
  • Keith Rushbrook
    Keith Rushbrook
    Country: Canada
  • Jon Santacoloma
    Jon Santacoloma
    Designer and Founder of ideilan, professor at Deusto University
    Country: Spain
  • Adi Heusser & Iela Herrling
    Adi Heusser & Iela Herrling
    Country: Switzerland
  • Maksym Shkinder
    Maksym Shkinder
    McLaren Automotive Designer
    Country: Ukraine
  • Francesco Mendini
    Francesco Mendini
    Architect, designer, Atelier Mendini
    Country: Italy
  • Irena Kilibarda
    Irena Kilibarda
    Architect, interior designer
    Country: Serbia
  • Alexandr Nesterenko
    Alexandr Nesterenko
    Founder of ARTKB – hardware product development bureau.
    Country: Ukraine
  • Pavlo Isliamov
    Pavlo Isliamov
    Designer in Renault
    Country: Ukraine
  • Denis Music
    Denis Music
    Art Jewellery Maker, Founder of Denis Music Jewellery
    Country: Ukraine
  • Valeriy Gromov
    Valeriy Gromov
    Designer, Sculptor and Founder of VALERIY GROMOV JEWELLERY
    Country: Ukraine
  • Yaroslav Chumachenko
    Yaroslav Chumachenko
    Automotive Designer
    Country: Ukraine
  • Alessandro Manetti
    Alessandro Manetti
    CEO at IED Spain
    Country: Spain
  • Andrea Tosi
    Andrea Tosi
    Dean of International Partnership and Innovation, Milan IED - Istituto Europeo di Design
    Country: Italy
  • Federico Ferretti
    Federico Ferretti
    Scientific Coordinator of Master Program in Design Innovation, Strategy and Product at IED Milan
    Country: Italy
  • Giovanni Ottonello
    Giovanni Ottonello
    Art Director, Milan IED - Istituto Europeo di Design
    Country: Italy
  • Horge Pérez
    Horge Pérez
    Director I+ED Lab, Barcelona + Bogotá IED - Istituto Europeo di Design
    Country: Spain
  • Aleksandr Mukomelov
    Aleksandr Mukomelov
    Industrial designer and founder of Mukomelov Studio
    Country: Ukraine
  • Sotirios Papadopoulos
    Sotirios Papadopoulos
    Chairman and coordinator of the  Design School (de.school)  in the Academy of Fine Arts ABAV at Verona
    Country: Italy
  • Dmytro Novikov
    Dmytro Novikov
    Automotive Designer
    Country: Ukraine
  • Olga Terefeyeva
    Olga Terefeyeva
    Co-Founder Vododesign & Savekyivmodernism
    Country: Ukraine
  • Konstantin Kuznetsov
    Konstantin Kuznetsov
    Representative of the international festival of Cannes Lions in Ukraine, Marceting Manager DIALLA Communications
    Country: Ukraine
  • Olga Bogdanova
    Olga Bogdanova
    Architect, founder of the Architectural Bureau "Bogdanova Bureau" and design platform "Prostir86"
    Country: Ukraine
  • Michele Leonello
    Michele Leonello
    Senior Automotive Designer
    Country: Italy
  • Eugene Pinchuk
    Eugene Pinchuk
    COO at MNR Custom Metal Inc. CEO at FEEEL design
    Country: Canada
  •  Jano Badovianc
    Jano Badovianc
    Creative Director of Fugitive Glue Sessional professor at OCAD University
    Country: Canada
  • Aidin Ardjomandi
    Aidin Ardjomandi
    Сreative director of Arena Design Studio
    Country: Iran
  • Vadim Kostyrin
    Vadim Kostyrin
    Journalist. Independet expert in media and public relations
    Country: Russia
  • Sara Azzone
    Sara Azzone
    Director of IED Moda Milan
    Country: Italy
  • Dror Peleg
    Dror Peleg
    Professor of Exterior Design in Transportation at IED Turin
    Country: Italy
  • Nima Bavardi
    Nima Bavardi
    Country: Iran