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Designed By:Marvin Kasper
Commissioned by:Marvin Kasper
Country by:Germany

In my family we have accumulated a smorgasbord of different cups and mugs. Some of them are bulky and impractical to hold and use, others are adorned with unsightly colours and patterns. Why is there no uniformity? The lack of uniformity allows the set to meet the individual needs of all my family members - from my grandfather who has difficulties of grasping, up to my little sister who has dainty hands. Totem captures all these particularities and uniqueness and mix it up to a universal design. Totem is a drinking vessel set that consists of different parts. Once inserted into one another, they form a set whose silhouette is evocative of a Native American totem pole. The totem is a spiritual object that symbolises a group of people, such as a family, a clan, or a tribe. Inspired by this, the association fits my idea to cover the different needs in a family.