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Conditions of participation
1.1. The experts and students of higher and secondary education institutions aged 18 - 50 are invited to participation in the Contest.
1.2. The Contest Participants have to present their works within specified time limits for works submission - from 10 June to 30 of September, 2019.
1.3. Registration and entries only from the Contest website www.industart.org.  
1.4. After participant’s registration on the contest official website the www.industart.org, he/she is given access to submit his/her work. 1.5. The Contest works will be estimated in 7 (seven) nominations: furniture design, equipment design, lighting design, consumer electronics design, computer equipment design, transport design, design of decor in the interior, jewelery and accessory design. Three subnomiations will be observed separately in each nomination:  realized projects, design concepts and student works.
1.6. INDUSTART Contest Submission only through personal member’s cabinet on the Contest official website www.industart.org.
1.7. 90 EUR registration fee (excluding VAT) charged on each INDUSTART entry only on the Contest official website www.industart.org. Registration fee for scgool and unioversity students is 60 EUR (excluding VAT). If you wish to submit multiple entries, the payment is charged for each subsequent operation.
1.8. The Contest works will be estimated in 7 (seven) nominations: furniture design, equipment design, lighting design, consumer electronics design, computer equipment design, transport design, design of decor in the interior, jewelery and accessory design. Three subnomiations will be observed separately in each nomination:  realized projects, design concepts and student works.
1.9. Each participant has the right to submit his/her works to any chosen nomination, but each work can participate only in one category. Mandatory requirement for entries is that works must be authentic, original and created over the past two years. The works number by a single author or a group of co-authors is not limited.
1.10. Application for participation considers the agreement of the Contest participant with the given Rules of his/her behavior, described in Current Position.
1.11. Contest participant, submitting his/her work, fully confirms his/her consent to contest works use (photographs, video, audio, other visual, verbal, material and non-material objects) within the Contest activities framework.
1.12. The Contest providers and the jury members guarantee the conserving of the author rights for the participants' works. Moreover, the Contest participant can be offered the procedure of the concept Patenting that was sent for the Contest participation.
1.13. Member undertakes not to speak negatively about this contest, other participants, contest organizers, post photos, videos and information that degrade other participants, Customer and Organizer, not to post pornographic photos and videos, not to post information that violates current Ukrainian legislation, not to post information that could damage Organizer’s reputation during participation and till December 31, 2025 11:59:59 p.m. Member who has violated this paragraph requirements will be deprived of the right to take further part in the contest, to refer to his/her participation in the contest and can be prosecuted.
2.1. Work and / or part of the work is subject to other organizations / companies and / or any other person, a citizen of Ukraine or any other country copyright.
2.2. The work contains profanity / statements and / or images that might humiliate honor, dignity, to offend the moral feelings of the other person.
2.3. The paper contains a picture / portrait of a person who did not give written consent for the using his/her image.
2.4. Works inciting racial, religious or ethnic hatred, insulting the national dignity.
3.1. Only registered participants who have successfully paid the registration fee within a specified entries reception time from 10 June to 30 of September, 2018.
3.2. The winner is selected by jury vote from October 10 to October 20, 2019.
3.3. Jury votes online on the contest website www.industart.org with individual access for each jury member to the evaluation page.
3.4. After voting, INDUSTART Contest Organizing Committee generates reports and calculates jury voting results from October 25 to October 30, 2019.
3.5. The Organizing Committee will inform in writing Contest nominations and subnominations winners on how to get their prizes.
3.6. The Contest winner must provide a copy of all passport pages with information and identification number, actual residence address, and a contact phone number, within seven (7) calendar days from the informing about the victory date. This information should be sent to feedback@industart.org.
3.7. Failure to provide the above information and / or providing it after the deadline, deprives Winners the prize stated in Contest rules paragraph 4.
3.8.  Contest winners will be asked to sign an agreement on the object rights transfer. The decision on object rights transferring is up to the Contest Winner.
3.9. Upon the Contest winner(s) information receipt specified in Rules paragraph 3.6., an agreement, subject to all requirements under Rules paragraph 6 fulfillment, the winner(s) will be awarded the prize. The procedure for giving prizes to winners in agreement with each winner individually in writing. Winners need to provide their passports (original ones) to get the prizes. The Organizer is not responsible for winners gifts obtaining impossibility due to the courier service or mail or other person’s fault, as well as in the case of winner’s address information misuse.
3.10. The main prize is given to a participant with maximum points number.
3.11. A special prize is given to the participant with second.
3.12. The participant with maximum points number in each category receives the prize.
3.13. Contest honorary award is given to each participant with maximum points number in each sub-nominations. 
4.1. Contest rules and conditions informing performed by means of the Contest announcement and placing of the Rules text on the web page at http://industart.org/rules/
4.2. By participating in the Contest Participant thus automatically gives his/her consent to these Rules application and dissemination to him/her.
5.1. By participating in the Contest, each participant confirms that he/she is familiar with the rules relating to his/her personal information, and this confirms that the Contest Organizer and / or partners and other third parties involved in the Contest preparation and holding, are exempt from the obligation to send a written notification of rights to the participant, as well as data collection purpose and people that transmit their personal data.
5.2. By agreeing to these Contest rules, the Participant agrees to receive information related to the Contest activities. The Organizing Committee has the right to send any information in the personal message, without prior agreement with the Participant, by electronic means.
5.3. Contest participant as personal information subject has the right: - To obtain information on the Contest Organizers whereabouts as a his/her personal information manager; - Require personal information refinement from the contest partner and / or the Organizer as the personal information owner / manager; - Implement statutory remedies in case of legislation violation on protection of personal data.
5.4. The personal information processing can be held by the Contest Organizer on his own or can be transferred to other operators on the confidentiality contract condition basis.
5.5. The Contest Organizer is not responsible for personal information protection against unauthorized or accidental access, destruction, modification, blocking, copying, personal information distribution, as well as other third party illegal actions. Similarly, the Organizer shall not be liable for the third parties rights infringement as a result of the Contest participants actions for personal information placement. 
6.1. The main prize - THE FIRST PLACE — 2000 EUR*. The winner of the first place of the INDUSTART Awards will receive a prize: 2000 euros. Quantity - 1.
6.2. Special prize SCHOLARSHIP FOR LEARNING IN IED (Istituto Europeo di Design)
The scolarship prize of the INDUSTART Awards is provided by our partner IED (Istituto Europeo di Design), founded in 1966. Tens of thousands of professionals of the fashion and design industry graduated from this university, their names are heard and known in haute couture shows, prestigious exhibitions and in the windows of the most fashionable boutiques. . Quantity - 1.
6.3. The Contest prize - designer watches. Quantity - 1.
6.4. Contest honorary AWARD INDUSTART. Contest honorary award is given to the participant with the maximum points number in each of the seven sub-nominations. Quantity - 21
6.5. PROTOTYPE & SERIAL PRODUCTION The partner of the contest in 2019 – MNR Custom Metal (Canada) provides the winner with unique opportunity to realize his creative idea not only in kind of manufacturing of prototype but as well in serial production.
7.1. The organizers are not involved in the dispute between the parties to the Contest participants and winners.
7.2. Contest gifts are not given in monetary terms or in the form of other benefits not covered by these Contest Terms and Conditions paragraph 6.1.
7.3. Participants are personally responsible for the accuracy of the provided by them information.
7.4. By participating in the Contest, each entrant hereby consents to the personal information use given to the Contest Organizer with the marketing and / or any other purpose in ways that do not contradict the current legislation (including transfer to third parties), in particular, free full name use, and Participant’s image interview or other materials about him/her with advertising / marketing goal, including publishing rights (including his/her name and picture) to the media, the Internet, any printed, audio - and video materials, interviews with the media, communications (including advertising), etc. ., without any restrictions on the territory, time and method of use, and that use in no way will be reimbursed by the Contest Organizer and / or any third party. of Such agreement provision is regarded within the meaning of the Civil Code of Ukraine Articles 296, 307, 308 and the Law of Ukraine On personal information protection.
7.5. By participating in the competition all Contest participants agree to be bound by these Rules and undertake to fulfill them.
7.6. Organizer's decision on all matters related to the Contest holding shall be final and shall apply to all participants.
7.7. The Contest Organizer has the right to modify the Contest Rules and the number of prizes. Amendments to the Contest Rules take place in accordance with applicable law.
7.8. These rules are available on the Internet at http://industart.org/rules/