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Designed By:Bartolomeus Capetillo
Commissioned by:Bartolomeus Design AB
Country by:Sweden

We live in a time where people are buying more and more stuff to fulfill their needs and desires at home. This results in spending much money, it creates clutter and mess at home and has a big environmental impact. This is why I have decided to create a modular system for home accessories that can be hanged on a wall or from a ceiling, indoors as well as outdoors. It has multi - use functions in a big range from storage for utensils or personal accessories to planting possibilities. There is also a lamp module to be attached if desired. The modularity regards customization of the final composition of the acquired pieces, not the customization of the individual pieces. Today people are more engaged in the environmental problems than before but they still want the possibility to customize their home décor. Thanks to the organic washable paper, it is made possible in this product.