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Designed By:Stamati Valeria-Maria
Commissioned by:Personal Concept
Country by:Moldova

Public spaces should be adapted to the needs of mothers and their babies. This chair, named BAMO, denotes an abbreviation for baby (BA) and mother (MO). It is a concept made in order to offer comfort, privacy, and a homey feeling to mothers and their children. Here, a woman can rest, nurture her baby or just to isolate themselves from the crowded environment. Even if in many countries it`s an accepted thing to breastfeed in public, many moms still feel awkward and uncomfortable about this. The seat has a spherical shape, which allows a mother to be totally isolated and protected. It is made of wood that is a warm material, resistant to climate conditions. The inside cover is made of smooth Eco – leather in order to create a cozy atmosphere. In front of the sitting place there is a stand, where the woman can keep her personal items. This chair can be installed in bus and train stations, shopping centers, airports, parks, and other open spaces because babies get hungry anywhere. Thus, moms can be always carefree about this problem.