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Designed By:Konstantin Kofta
Commissioned by:kofta
Country by:Ukraine

Latest kofta’s collection MELLOW SS19 consists of 11 items that reproduce objects of edibles as realistic as it can be. Partially surrealistic, partially childish, funny and confused state is what Konstantin aspired to insert into collection's mood. Inspired by the savory harvest of the recent year, he creates a bold colorful identity to present the joy of abundance in a hypnagogic, dreamlike image. A small poem written by kofta team especially to express the mood of the collection served as an epigraph for MELLOW this year. A fruit to be considered as a product, a final point, destination and result of any long-term process, effort, contact; the path from birth through blossom towards art. Thus, sacrificed to prosper the flower gives it’s concentrated heart — the seed of liveliness along with vital forces for fruit to turn awake and start.