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Biz Eyes
Designed By:Nasim Sehat
Commissioned by:Nasim Sehat
Country by:Iran, Islamic Republic of

Personification of pop art and abstract expressionism. In 21st century cus¬tomization is an essential aspect of popular consumerism. Biz Eyes is an abstraction of what fashion derived from popular images like comic books and super heroes look like. These are pop arts of 21st C. Instead of Marilyn Monroe, we have Hunger Games Capital Couture, or Clockwork Orange. Biz Eyes is 3D printed eye wear with custom detachable spectacles which can be replaced simply by turning them 25 degrees and screwing another pair on. The base frame is made from sturdy transparent resin and the spectacles themselves are printed in nylon. 3D printing makes Biz Eyes possible by providing interlocking joints that allow for the easy exchange of different pairs to change the glasses appearance. The project enables users to create their own custom pairs.