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Designed By:Дизайн - Levantin Design,
Commissioned by: MZPA
Country by:Ukraine

Meditation is a modern office space for productive work, concentration, and relaxation. Designed by Levantin Design. Meditation is the essential space for communicating, working and relaxing. Usually, our workplace hardly the best one for generating thoughts. The study "What about those ideas you get in the shower?" Lyngby / Copenhagen, Denmark, showed that only 16% of people generate creative ideas in the workplace. So how we can change such a low rate? Maybe it is time to transform the space where we work. Meditation was created as a place where you have everything that you need for good work: silence, working desk, and high walls to provide a privacy. When the two halves of the Meditation are pushed together they like an acoustically isolated closed island. Inside the Meditation, we made a USB charger and a lamp. Designers wanted to give the worker the ability to have a quiet conversation or time alone with his thoughts. Meditation has three options, such as a chair, working desk, pouf. All of the elements are mobile. While seating in the chair, pouf can give your feet rest. High vertical back, thin wall bends, rounded edges and smooth shapes give a sense of safety and comfort. Transform your workplace with Meditation, perhaps during your rest, a creative work idea will come to your head.