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Кухонный остров
Designed By:Катерина Чурина
Commissioned by:Tabooret interiors lab
Country by:Ukraine

Kitchen island it's a multifunctional form of the space organization, which can be both used for cooking and as a small dining area. This independent furniture item will become an indispensable attribute of any modern kitchen. This island is made of chipboard and MDF and framed by a magnetic metal for attaching the cookware. A hidden lighting is installed in the upper part of the frame. The countertop island laminated and supplemented with artificial stone with built-in trash bucket. There is two cargos on the each sides of the island. Also, one big drawer and two smaller deep drawers between them. Metal bar stools featuring soft comfortable pillows and drawers under the seats provides additional storage space. Special ottoman serves as the anchor element providing stability and structural strength.