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Designed By:Rostyslav Potopaiev
Commissioned by:R&A bike design
Country by:Ukraine

BOARDSTRIDER - Full Interaction The innovative device Bordstrider is an individual electric transport for sports and entertainment. Bordstrider interacts with the owner using an artificial intelligence. The automatic balancing helps the beginners to keep balance and make possible the rapid adaptation to the device and its driving .The Bordstrider is equipped with holders especially for beginners pilots. Every motor-wheel can rotate on its axis by 360 -degree. Two absolutely autonomous motor-bloks interact with each other through a motion activation node using the onboard processor based on the artificial intelligence and the auxiliary wrist gadget equipped with the Boardstider. This makes possible for the Bordstrider’s user to come up with a variety of tricks and get experience of deep satisfaction and inspiration from this individual vehicle. Thanks to this innovations , as well as stubby wheels that reduce the resistance to rolling, Bordstrider can move in any direction changing the trajectory of motion so unexpectedly and quickly, as far as its pilot can afford according to the training and skills to interact with this unique transport reminding serf on wheels. When you change the Boardstriders direction the lighting adapts respectively. Power supply is provided by removable Li-ion batterrie. As an optional extra the Boardstrider’s surface is covered with film. This film is a solar cell made of cadmium telluride (CaTe). This makes it possible to increase the Boardstrider efficiency by 11-12% and increase its mileage using one rechargeable battery.