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Designed By:Adam Miklosi, Daniel Fekete
Commissioned by:Poizo
Country by:Hungary

The heating of the households is the highest consumer energy consumption nowadays, and choosing a comfortable temperature for all the users in the same room cause problems in 20% of the households. One of the user is feeling cold while the other finds the current temperature too hot. The personal comfort is different for everybody, and with the current heating solutions it was not possible to achieve a flexible heating for multiple users. We invented Poizo inspired on indoor microclimates meaning lowering the central heating temperature and using localised heat on spots where the user presents. Poizo can track the user and heat only when it is needed, if the user leaves the heated area the device automatically switches off, or switches on a differently directed heating panel based on the relocation of the user. It makes possible to warm different users with different temperature - according to their comfort needs - simultaneously. It could also identify its users and learn their heating habits thanks to the integrated Ai. With the Poizo it is possible to minimize heating expenses while maximizing user comfort.