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Designed By:design bureau Hochu rayu/autors: Yurii Kyryliv, Vitalii Kyryliv, Danuta Kril
Commissioned by:Senstone
Country by:Ukraine

With Senstone you no longer have to pull out your phone to take notes on the go. Senstone automatically converts your voice notes into text and organizes them for easy access. While creating design for Sensone we tried to be timeless and original with this device. It’s pure and minimalist, something, that will match any style or look. Different waves surround us everywhere. Sound, magnet, emotional, voice and any other waves have a big influence on us during the day, so a form of Senstone as an intelligent voice recorder is inspired by sound waves and their intersection. The form perfectly reflects Senstone ideology – keeping thoughts in order. Our main intention in this project was to help people boost their creativity, manage their busy schedule and stay away from smartphone distractions in important moments of creativity. The distance to the microphone for the best performance is 20 cm, so you can easily use it while everyday life without making some extra movements to take notes. Senstone works in 12 languages.