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The "Dogs&Tails" bar
Designed By:Sergey Makhno
Commissioned by:Anna Kozachenko
Country by:Ukraine

A group of three architects worked on this project. Lights in all three rooms were design by Sergey Makhno. The concept was based on custom-made design- 90% of furniture and light fixtures were designed and developed by our workshop and produced in Ukraine using our drawings. Construction started in September 2014. At first, we cleared up the old brickwork and performed all the needed engineering work. The space itself suggested to incorporate loft style. In the end, we got a perfect combination: bare old brick, exposed wiring, large windows with metal mullions, industrial light fixtures, two walls lined with used unpainted wood boards, rough metal bottle shelving over the bar, metal mesh as a decorative element for the walls and partitions. Wooden boards, by the way, have their own history. Previously they were wooden food crates. title In this interior important combination of roughness and elegance. We played with contrasts; left the golden plaster fretwork next to rough metal and bare brick. Responsible for bringing elegant look are also oil canvases, specially painted by an artist for this project. They are ironic and humorous. DOGS, main characters, are represented as guests, which include characters like a macho, a flirt, and a friendly family. title title The centerpiece in this interior is the bar. Ten meters long bar decorated with metal pipes, with ten overhanging specially designed light fixtures “ Lihtar” by Sergey Makhno. Spacious modern chromed kitchen is located in the depth of the bar. Separated by a glass wall, it invites patrons to watch the mystery of cooking happen there. title Easy communication, agreement in tastes and general understanding between the client and designers helped to create this interior in the shortest time period. In six months in the place of old shoe store emerged the bar “DOGS and TAILS”.