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Onion vases
Designed By:Nastasia Fomina
Commissioned by:no
Country by:Ukraine

The idea of creating these vases came from observations of bulbous plants. Bulb is a symbol of life of the flower, but it is you who decides what type of flower this is for yourself. The natural silhouette of onions is charming in itself. It might look frozen and waiting for a miracle, intriguing or just sitting in the sun: any story that you make for this vase will work even when it does not have any flowers inserted. Just like the flower bulbs in a natural environment, decorative vases have different shapes and sizes. They look so much better having a pair or in a group. Vases made of ceramics, hand-painted and glaze. Materials: ceramics, glaze, hand-painting. Sizes: 24 cm × 11 cm, 16 × 12 cm, 9 cm × 13 cm.