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The furniture playing set for the children`s room
Designed By:Kovalchuk Olha
Commissioned by:student project
Country by:Ukraine

This plan is drawn up for different age categories of the children. It is divided into such zones as: areas of recreation work which are joint, playing zone and developing-creative area. The main idea of the recreation and work zones is modularity, which is accomplished by transformation of a small window, it moves on the lath –groove, besides, two additional mechanisms turn it into the horizontal plane. It is possible to work at the computer, to read a book, etc here. And in the playing area the children spend the most active interval of time, there they can jump safely, run and climb, transforming playing elements variously. This construction has a durable framework system. All the modules have a soft edging made of natural stuff and the cases are sewn up with wood. There are holes in the decorative base of our tree, their basic function is lighting, designed in such a way, that we have the decorative acrylic modules of the forest flora of and fauna and the lighting is turned on by pressing the modules into these holes. The harder you press the brighter is light. The soft details are like tree brunches and perform the function of airbags. A child can place them in different ways. So, this zone is a toder, the central ladder with a hatch that goes out on the first floor, the side ladder with the playing modules in the shape of leaves, contain a metallic framework edging made of coir and flax. The last area is developing. As we can see, there are three boards: the wooden one with the holes for playing elements (letters, numbers, flora, fauna), the next is a magnetic board, and the last one is for drawing, its covering is easily washed with a sponge. In a this project two variants of complete set are presented: with legs and a suspended one with a socle. In general the integral conception is based on the human love and appreciation of the nature since childhood, knowledge about forest and its inhabitants.