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Systems for organizing the playing space and child development
Designed By:Kovalchuk Olha
Commissioned by:student project
Country by:Ukraine

According to the representation, the transforming of the system which consists of two completing units: the children playpen and the children swing. This system will do for a dwelling, trading centre, can be used in the open air, playgrounds, for example. It is a firm construction , due to its framework system it maintains the weight of 60 kg. It is done for the parents were able to lean upon it out of necessity, for example, while seating a child on a chair. In the position of a swing we can see four sacks fastened on a ring - they are the external pockets for the net. The transformation into the playpen is very easy, all you need is just to step on the foundation (podium) and to pull two levers with closers, after this, the ring (basis) from below shifts to the middle, where there are clamps on side posts-holders. Now we can open our sacks and fasten the net with the help of magnets to the podium and props. This net is made of fabric “meryl”, its top with a sack is tightened to a ring. There are magnetic creepers on the side-frames and the bottom which are fixed to the holes placing to diameter. By the way, the levers direct the holders of the swing, inside them there is a mechanism that fixes positions. So, such an object is a conceptual development, the main idea of that is to provide a child with a playing space, giving the opportunity to the parents to have time enough for their own business, being sure in their child`s safety.