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Designed By:Tim Defleur
Commissioned by:Tim Defleur
Country by:France

«Modèle Déposé» means «Registered Design» in French but it can also mean simply «put down» - This sums up the spirit of the project, make something as simple as possible without fixing element like glue, screw, dowel etc.. but still with a strong personality. Modèle Déposé is not a chair, neither a sofa. It’s an in between solution as an extra seat for the living room, a little seat in the entrance or again a reading seat ... Modèle Déposé is made from a simple wood panels machined by CNC. Then, the angles and the way that panels are made makes the stability of the seat. No glue, screw or whatever, just the own weight of panels. Proportions are unexpected to fit with different kind of use. Between a chair an a sofa typology. Some space is available next to the user when he’s sitting.