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Table letters
Designed By:Сергей Атрощенко
Commissioned by:Туроператор по Украине Kraina Ua
Country by:Ukraine

The project of self-made tables designed in national colors was created as a modern symbol of independence, which reminds its owner how to be cool authentic Ukrainian. After revolution in 2014 Ukrainians have opened the new page in modern history of our country - Ukraine. Every day you can see more and more people wearing handmade clothes with folk ornamental patterns, you can discover new places you haven't seen before travelling across Ukraine. My project of letter-shaped tables could be colorful spot in any apartment or office and it is my vision of how classic furniture pieces particularly coffee tables can fit modern interiors. “UA” table is the acronym of Ukraine and is designed in amazing sea-buckthorn yellow color. Another table represents the name of Ukraine’s capital – Kyiv in cornflower blue color. Both of these colors are the colors of Ukrainian flag.