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Octopus - kitchen tool
Designed By:Ricardo Páramo
Commissioned by:Ardoro
Country by:Germany

Octopus is a new and useful kitchen tool. It was developed both to keeping your cooktop clean from oil splatters and to make sure that your fried meal gets as crispy as if you didn’t cover the pan. You use Octopus with the regular paper towel that you find in all homes. Just pinch it to the Octopus and off you go! The steam can easily go through, while all the oil splatters stay on it. While you’re cooking, the paper will always stay well pinched to the tool. But once the meal is fried, it is not necessary to pick the oily paper with your hand to deploying it in the bin. Just by pressing the sides of the tool, it will easily fall out. You can also use Octopus as cooking tweezers, helping you to put, remove and turn around your meal. It is heat resistant, fits all pans from 22 to 30 cm and is comfortable in the hand. Octopus is a patent pending tool. Developed and designed by Ricardo Páramo for the German company Ardoro.