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9,8 - Gravity car
Designed By:Ricardo Páramo
Commissioned by:Hiperbaric
Country by:Spain

"9,8" is the name of this stylish race car, designed in 2014 and produced also since them in Spain The core inspiration for design was found in video games look, rather than in competition cars. This “low-res like” fiberglass skin does not compromise the aerodynamic needed for the kind of speed races tipe its belongs: "Gravity Car" Gravity car, the Hi-Tech version of "Soapbox ", is a competition very similar to the winter sport "Bobsleigh" but on asphalt. The car run with no motor, accelerated only by earth attraction till over 110 km/h. The rest of the technical part such direction, brakes or chassis have nothing to envy to traditional motor categories. This carrosserie design was developed in the context of “Hiperbaric Challenge” a gravity car competition open to high schools all over Spain. The companies Hiperbaric , Desmasa and Inmotia exponsor carrosserie and wheels for each team participating, and it young members must develop and build the inside: chasis , brakes, and technical parts.