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Pecker Player
Designed By:Pecker Player team and ARTKB
Commissioned by:Pecker Player
Country by:Ukraine

Pecker™ — is not only the streaming player, but also a fully-fledged playstation, which is powerful, fast and soft-running. The service gives access to free games, films, music as well as to the shops with paid content of different types. Pecker™ has a patented remote control trasformer Transform To Play™. It is specially engineered to bring the full-fledged game experience without buying additional accessories. Just after you put the remote control into the silicon holder and move the central circle to the left, the game highlighting will appear, which means that remote control is transferred to the gamepad mode. It will spare the consumer’s savings and reduce the need to manufacture additional gamepads. The unique fastening was designed for such cases, when new products take too much space in the house, which is actually innovative for such types of products. Fastening allows to place Pecker Player behind the screen; saves space at home and doesn’t hinder cleaning. According to the interior styles and other user’s preferences, it is possible to use the player and gamepad without colorful silicon laps.