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Acta Non Verba
Designed By:Kitsch Nitsch design studio
Commissioned by:Kitsch nitsch design studio
Country by:Slovenia

Acta Non Verba is a piece of fitness equipment that tries to bridge the way between sports, corporate futurism, artistic individuality and beauty in nouveau riche design. It holds the principles of extracting aesthetic qualities from mundane objects and dreary functional design solutions. It poses a question of where to go next in a world of "good form", reclaimed wood furniture, apple minimalism, soul crushing ergonomics and sustainable design. Since photoshoped beauty is beauty nonetheless the answer must surely be: Style and designing objects so beautiful, one never throws them away. The rack has a metal construction embellished with highly polished white kerrock (corian) panels. The barbell is made out of black galvanised metal; the individual weights are visually exaggerated, while still retaining their functionality. The bench has carbon fibre reinforced polymer outer structure and the padding is covered with multi-colour synthetic textile. NOTE: Video links show the whole collection, while we are only registering one work.