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Designed By:Карман Алексей
Commissioned by:Карман Алексей
Country by:Ukraine

Z-Chair bar stool is the sum of numerous facets, variations, versions. Plain strict lines and neat design make the Z-Chair an all-sufficient element of any interior. The supporting stool structure quotes the sharp basement corners duplicating them, but not repeating. The main contradiction theme depicts the combination of soft fabrics and cold metal. The mirrored back of the stool adds kind of futuristic touch to the minimalist rigor. It allows you to emphasize the sharp angles and different surfaces. The object is devided into lots of facets, nevertheless, the simplicity of it is obvious. Despite the severity of the design, the designer took care of the ergonomics, making a seat as convenient as possible. Visually it resembles a tandem of geometric shapes, sometimes epitomizing into true origami art. The production of the chair is located in Ukraine. This project is a kind of challenge, and at the same time the offspring of a lifelong search, which is incarnated in a new piece of furniture.