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Time Perception
Designed By:Pavlo Doro
Commissioned by:Sine Engineering Bureau
Country by:Ukraine

Our time is personal to us. Another person's perception of time cannot be directly experienced or understood. This is what lies within the essence of Time Perception wristwatch, a wristwatch that is the embodiment of time itself. An object that keeps the time, that walks side by side with humans throughout history. A glance at your wrist will not tell you the exact time but will wake your intuition. It will make you think about time and at some point to think of it as a disembodied force of our world. As it does not use digits or arrows to display the time it frees you from the modern world buzz and gifts you with a simple feeling that is so familiar from youth. A feeling of airiness and unexplored. Time is displayed with white and black circles eating each other constantly showing a 24-hour cycle of day/night change on earth that humans are so used to. You can personalize the day start and day end to change interface behavior. Two hidden buttons at the top and a bottom of a front panel are used to navigate through the wristwatch interface. The front panel of the casing is designed to hold and protect the screen and works as a rocking button. A colored strip of silicone placed under allows it to be pressed. Tactile elements along with click sound provide a nice analog feedback of an action. A whole piece strap is used to maintain the look and feel of a solid piece. It feels like it’s almost floating above your wrist like a smooth black river stone attached to a lace. For a proof-of-concept, an E-ink screen powered with a button cell is used. This technology allows the wristwatch to last long. Time Perception can seem like it does not fit the modern definition of a smart device, though it is a smart device that communicates with your intuition and feelings.