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A bedside table for people in a wheelchair
Designed By:Yuliya Ilkayeva
Commissioned by:Zaporizhzhia Polytechnic National University
Country by:Ukraine

Was revealed the need for this design with the help of marketing research. An analysis of existing analogs was carried out. Prospective developments in this field were found. A designed bedside table consists of a box in the shape of an octagonal prism, a lid and has a moving part inside, made on the principle of "accordion". All the advantages and disadvantages of existing similar concepts were taken into account, after that, the sketch was developed, a bedside table, suitable for people with special needs, has been created. The detachable part "accordion" moves down along with the lid and load on it, and when it moves up the load is lifted. The things on the lid will always be at hand for a person in a wheelchair, thanks to this principle. One of the main conditions for creating a universal design is its safety in use and the safety of the materials used. Therefore, paying attention to the fact that the created bedside table should be suitable for use by people in a wheelchair, it was decided to choose laminated glass for the front glass part, since using another there may cause a risk of injury. The selected material for the box in the shape of an octagonal prism is wood. Cardboard is used for the accordion parts to preserve the necessary properties - resilience. This concept is multifunctional. The bedside table can be a night lamp as well, cause it has luminous elements. Also, the bedside table may be used as a table, if put the lid on a box in the shape of an octagonal prism, slightly turning it aside. Furthermore, the lid could be a tray since it is easily removed from the case.