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Local raw material – amber. The jewellery design.
Designed By:Dominika Hapka
Commissioned by:Diploma on Pedagogical University of Cracow
Country by:Poland

Amber is one of the Polish flag souvenirs. Amber products, mainly jewellery are very popular among foreigners and holidaymakers in the Pomerania as well as in the Southern Poland. This intriguing material clashes with conventions and is underestimated. Even from hold talks and observations it results that amber is sometimes associated with proverbial ‘trash’. That is way the idea to create new quality and identity of the local raw material. SUCCUS bracelets are hand-made, using traditional techniques in the seaside workshop. The project elements: exposition (process, fragrance, project jewellery) and branding. Genesis of the name: SUCCUS – Juice in Latin Amber is conifers resin, called tree juice. The Latin language has strong connotations with medicine, while amber has health benefits. The word itself is a palindrome, giving many graphic presentation possibilities.