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Premium class passenger car
Designed By:Michał Witalis
Commissioned by:Cracow University of Technology, supervised by Maciej Górowski (NEWAG S.A.)
Country by:Poland

The subject of the thesis is a concept of the new 1st+ class passenger coach. According to the author's faculty, one of the most important aspects of the project is industrial design. Complete development includes the exterior and interior of the carriage. It is also a fresh attempt to creating new comfort's definition during the trip. The project pays special attention to the visual side of rail vehicles in general. The project got also realized on engineer's way. This diploma shows all key stages in a well-considered design project starting with defining the problem, creating design assumptions, finding right solutions up to the presentation of a precise concept. As part of the project, a dimensional CAD model was created. Also, there is prepared a series of visualizations and a physical model. 3D renders were made with Keyshot program. H0 1:87 scale model was created using computer numerical control milling machine and a 3D printer. The coach's body presents a minimalist and pretentious look. Interior was finished with highest quality materials. New carriage became a source of new technologies and solutions. Whole design process run against main market tendencies. In this case, the author decided to skip the economic side of the project while still keeping all the most important requirements and rules introduced by international regulations such as TSI.