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Turning Chair
Designed By:Insu Kim
Commissioned by:NA
Country by:United States

Small living spaces and an on-going interest in multi-purposeful and flexible spaces in today’s modern society can be explained with a continual growing population. Human factors and ergonomics haven’t changed, but it is the growing urban housing development that requires new design to adapt its urban phenomenons. Given the fact that living spaces are being smaller, the solution is on re-configuring furniture while maintaining the primary human needs and comfort. Turning Chair is first initiated investigating different types of seating positions: a desk chair, a bar stool, and a lounge chair. Then, two seating positions, a lounge chair and a bar stool, are explored as design opportunities for space-saving since a livingroom and kitchen/bar areas are are typically connected to each other and has a temporality in use. The main goal was to combine a lounge chair and a bar stool in one configuration that users can customize the seating needs with movable, multi purposeful and convertible features. It is first fabricated in two bent metal tubes intersected and welded together as a main structure, then one laser cut steel sheet is bent and welded sinuously along the structure as a seating surface and back support. Lastly plastic feet are added to cap the tubes. This two-in-one chair switches its role they way the users want it to be, simply by turning it. The design allows the chair to be stackable that Its minimal materials and composition make it flexible and suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.