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BW - 1
Designed By:Никита Букорос
Commissioned by:-
Country by:Ukraine

Despite the fact that recently much attention has been focused on such a product as smart watches and portable gadgets, I felt the necessity to develop common classical (in its content but not in its form) watches with a minimum set of features. Inspired by the old retro BRAUN models , and modern VOID models, I found a solution for myself in this niche. Bend watch is a minimalistic one-piece shell which is worn on the belt. The watch has a button, which activates the screen depending on the mode, or shows the date instead of the time, if the screen is activated. The additional adjustment buttons are located on the rear panel inside of the case, access to which may be carried out through the holes, similar to mechanical openings in the body of motorcycles and scooters to access the adjustment screws.