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Designed By:Yuriy Khrushch
Commissioned by:COLLAR
Country by:Ukraine

NanoSoft is the first flexible aquarium LED lamp. While developing the design of the lamp the authors tried not only to create an aesthetically attractive source of illumination but also to solve a problem that all the fish keepers know from the beginning of time. Now we know how to light up the bowl aquarium. The construction of all the previously existing lamps (not only for aquariums but also for everyday usage) did not suggest placing them to spherical surfaces. All lighting options for round aquariums boiled down to bulky coasters or covers where the light was integrated. Inspired by the developments of Asian electronics designers, whose basic principles are minimalism and functionality, the authors of NanoSoft offered a truly innovative solution: a flexible lamp on a magnetic mount that can repeat the shape of an aquarium. NanoSoft - it is: universal magnetic mounting for any type of surface and for the glass wall up to 6mm thickness flexible soft-touch silicone body made in Ukraine product (created and developed)