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Mirror Lamp
Designed By:Sangheon Chung
Commissioned by:Sangheon Chung
Country by:New Zealand

This is one of the final design projects for the Victoria University of Wellington. The main point of this project was using the CNC machining to make a furniture. From the start, I really liked the oddness of the deconstructivist movement and decided to make a lamp inspired by the deconstructivism movement. Using the 0.9mm aluminium sheet and 1.6mm aluminium wires abled me to create forms easily. To make it simple to assemble, the base of the lamp was CNC waterjet cut in a single piece of aluminium sheet and bent with force. Wires went through the holes on the base and bent upwards holding the 4 mirrors. Due to the wires, mirrors can be attached or detached when needed and the angle of the mirrors can be adjustable.