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River Soča collection
Designed By:Špela Čuk
Commissioned by:Špela Čuk
Country by:Slovenia

For my final BA thesis at the Academy of Fine Arts and Design Ljubljana I chose to interpret our Slovene river Soča into a glass jewellery collection. I wanted to include its defining traits into those jewellery pieces. The features were: the blue colour, the appearance of smoothness and texture, transparency and opacity at the same time, reflection and glare, the shifting shadows created by movement, the mirroring of the environment around the river, the stream of the river, which is somewhat calm, yet lively or even dangerous in places, and the dynamic shapes of the river gorges. The collection consists of a necklace, a pendant, earrings and a ring. A lot of the features were provided by the material itself. The edges remained matte, non-polished to create this contrast of transparency and opacity. The shapes of the pieces were designed and assembled to recreate the shapes of the river gorges and put together it portrays the river flow.