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Neutro - Organ store box concept
Designed By:Daniel Czyszczoń.
Commissioned by:Supervisor: Ph.D. eng Jacek Habel, consultancy: Ph.D , transplantologist Piotr Domagała
Country by:Poland

Neutro is an organ store box system concept, which connects hardware device with a software system. This device is dedicated to transporting, storage and regenerating organs. This system is a comprehensive answer to the needs of the transplant environment. Neutro is taking care of organ since the beginning of the transplant process with planning and managing operations, through the transport and implantation. This solution is dedicated to being an integral part of the transplantation process. Neutro is a graduation project. Supervisor: Ph.D. eng Jacek Habel Medical consultancy: Ph.D. Piotr Domagała - surgeon, transplantologist Cracow University of Technology Mechanical Department