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Designed By:Abolfazl Ghaderi
Commissioned by:Abolfazl Ghaderi
Country by:Iran, Islamic Republic of

Nowadays our lives are so crowded with industrial products. These products need to become smaller and simpler to adjust our new lifestyle. Shel is a foldable headphone designed to solve the problems during transportation. The headband is capable of reshaping and collapsing. The form of the band is like the skeleton of the kangaroo's tail. There is a handle placed on the headphone; when it's pulled down, the plastic pieces stay tightened and firm and headphone is usable on the head. When the handle is pulled up, spaces are created between the plastic pieces which make the band loose, flexible, and foldable in any direction. All these result in easier portability. On the other side, there is a touch pad to control the music.