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Designed By:Milan Rankovic
Commissioned by:Worked on the basis of the announced design competition of the German company Schott.com
Country by:Germany

S-case is a portable solar suitcase which uses solar panels to produce electricity and power induction glass-ceramic cooking panel that can be used for reheating or making a delicious meal. The S-case can be charged using the usb charger so it can be used when solar panels are not available. Energy is stored in small and powerful lithium-ion batteries, which are placed inside the device. This device is made of degradable materials. This device is intended to be ultra-portable, mini suitcase that can be used on travelling or camping, especially when the electricity is not readily available. The S-case is energy-efficient and self-sustainable, with simple shape and small dimensions that makes it easy for packaging and handling. The new technologies are incorporated into the device. Bluetooth is included so the S-case can connect to the mobile app, as well as the touch-screen for easy manipulation. Although the dimensions of the device are small, it has enough space for cooking. The S-case has unique and memorable form, it is easy to use, and can be excellent gift choice.