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Solar System
Designed By:Veronika Serovets
Commissioned by:Nobody
Country by:Moldova

The torchere design is a reflection of the solar system. Metal pipes are symbolical orbits of planets movement. This metal orbits seems to be a mythical node. From the first glance, you are not able to find the way, construction is stable, however it is well connected by joints. Appears an eye teaser about central orbit hovering over. There is an option of 90° light source rotation on two joints. The OLED lighting source rotates on one axis, as if it is a star or planet. In horizontal position of the sun, light will not disturb the reader's eyes, meanwhile illuminating the book as it is a daylight. This enigmatic design becomes feasible due to OLED light transparent connection solution. My goal was to create as minimalist, functional and enigmatic torchere as principal of stars movement is.