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Designed By:sKY_Associative | Echo Chen
Commissioned by:Chimei
Country by:Taiwan, Province of China

Fasciner, 2 meter x 1.5 meter x 0.3 meter large lamps, was composed of over 150 different units. The connection of each LED shading unit is accomplished through joints which have different heights, shapes and sizes. The complexity of this joinery is required to facilitate the formation of such multi-directional curved surfaces. In order to address this issue, a device which has the ability to precisely control the fabrication process is required. VFM utilizes vacuum forming technology which has rapid and precise forming properties as a fabrication method. Its process is favored by designers in the creation of prototypes because its ability to provide near instantaneous and physical feedback to one’s design intuition. Through the application of parametric design strategies, using the Rhinoceros 3D plug-in Grasshopper to quickly extract parameters from a digital model, VFM is linked through open source hardware (Arduino Due + Ramps FD) to drive stepper motors which automate the forming. By modifying traditional manufacturing machines to accommodate parametric control, the Fasciner Lamp demonstrates how the dialogue between designers and machine can allow us to revisit a craftsman like mode of making.