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The collection of jewelry "FuturiStreet"
Designed By:Karina Potriasova
Commissioned by:
Country by:Russian Federation

The concept of this collection of jewelry combines aesthetic and functional aspects, and also implies the use of scientific technologies and 3D technologies that are developing and becoming relevant in recent times. The material of the proposed collection is platinum with addition of precious stones. The collection consists of five products that have certain functions: 1) Tiara. This head decoration has the function of normalizing blood pressure and vision, eliminating headaches. 2) Ring. It performs various injections. 3) Earring. It stimulates hearing, and also has the function of acupuncture - acting on various points of the ear it heals the corresponding areas of the human body. 4) Necklace. It has the function of measuring, controlling and normalizing the heartbeat. 5) Bracelet. It can measure the pulse and blood pressure, detect the occurrence of cardiac arrhythmias. The idea of this project is to prove that design is able to create a visually perfect form of any thing, without putting aside its functional content. So, design combines aesthetic and utilitarian side in one subject.