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Atmosphere Lamp
Designed By:Lilia Avdieieva-Ellis
Commissioned by:No
Country by:Ukraine

There are many ways to change the character of an interior, but the most powerful are color and light. Therefore, the stained-glass windows in Gothic churches were used to make a strong impression on the viewer. Atmosphere lamp - is a modern way to use the magic of light. There is no need to make expensive renovation or buying various decorations to change the sense of space. All you need is to choose the appropriate shade and your interior will be filled with the desired atmosphere. It is easy like a piece of cake! Shades are created with a help of ordinary 3-liter jar with the picture inflicted. Pictures are projecting to the room space by generating colorful shadows and can be dynamic with the help of rotation motor. Lamp transforms any space into a colorful shadow theatre. The design of a lamp is very simple and neutral and can be combined with any bulb bowl design. Ability to change the design not changing base makes using of lamp interminable. There are no limits to your imagination. In the presentation are shown Atmosphere Lamp models on abstract, kids and holidays themes. Yet, variations of models are unlimited. Romantic or sexy, relaxing or hilarious, brooding or playful - designs from different series could create any necessary mood. In addition to serial production, could be created individual designs for a particular person. The customer even can make up his own version- by dyeing a jar with stained- glass paints. Atmosphere lamps are not just beautiful they free your creativeness. You can reuse old jars, and give them a new life. Imagine the cozy family reunion with a small competition among members, when everyone inventing their unique lamp shadows: it is fun and very relaxing. The customer is no longer a passive consumer, he is an active creator of his own design! The Atmosphere lamp suits for every space from restaurants to kids rooms. And the low net cost of materials widens the great variety of Atmosphere lamp usage. Atmosphere lamp - is the easy opportunity to change the emotions in a home without big investments. Lamp fills the interior with such sense that the buyer wants. This product is about a person, his individuality, and the feelings.