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Designed By:William Drye
Commissioned by:Studio Surname
Country by:United Kingdom

The project ‘Pinch’ was an exploration in to the process of metal tube pinching. The process is one commonly used, but not usually celebrated as the main feature of a product. I wanted to commend its simplicity and functional forms, using it as the highlight of each object. Through playing around with the process extensively I found products that lent them self to the process. Rather than designing a product first and then finding a manufacturing process to make it from. The end product is coat hooks and candle stick holders which were designed along side other small scale products that utilise the same process. The candle stick holders use the supporting channel of Douglas Fir timber as a surface for salt, pepper, matches and other dinner condiments and the coat hooks use their supporting channel to pin them against the wall, almost giving the look that the metal has been pinched flat by the wood. All metal components are powder coated.