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Эскизный проект коллекционных часов
Designed By:Анастасия Шемякина
Commissioned by:Разработка концепции и дизайна наручных часов
Country by:Russian Federation

Under the dial to be a decorative element, inspired by the Sagrada Familia, after hours, he makes a turn around its axis, which adds interest and uniqueness to the watch.In my project, I represent a collector's watch made in the style of Antonio Gaudi, the Spanish architect who worked in the direction of the modern, but has created his own unique and recognizable style. Most of his fanciful fantastic work built in Barcelona. Hours used two materials for flexible plastic and metal. The strap is made from a flexible plastic material completely wraps around your wrist for more comfortable use hours, also for sending on the strap engraved with the name of the architect. The dial is made of metal and inserted the electronic display. Watch factory disguised as one of the balls.