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House of ideas
Designed By:Sergey Makhno
Commissioned by:Vlada Makhno
Country by:Ukraine

Previously, this was a studio where Vlada and Sergey Makhno lived and worked. Then, within five years, just a studio where they generated their ideas together with their team is now home for Vlada, Sergey and their boldest ideas. For instance, in their bedroom is the table that Sergey had designed for his very first design competition and won it. Also there is no less important exhibit - their bed “ Vytynanka” made with polished stainless steel. This bed was designed specifically for Sergeys exhibition “ Life of Ideas” at the Bottega gallery and published in almost all Ukrainian design and interior magazines. Other design items migrated from the gallery into their apartment : Sinusoid chairs around the dinning table, Invariants vases out of glass, concrete, and wood. Signature lights “ Bubenchiki” or “Bells” in the dinning room, and Jar lights in the bathroom. Secretaire en portefeuille, knitted rug, and coffee table called Book Table. Designer’s fantasy is balanced with black and white walls' background and the rest of the furniture in chrome tones. The center accent is an exploding turquoise. Light fixtures, paintings, closet, and textiles bring light accents of blue, which invigorates the entire space. In turquoise color scheme done one of the bathrooms. Unusual solution was initiated for the bathroom sink- to make it using a massive industrial pipe. Process initiated with an idea to its realization is the result of coordinated team work: designed, drew, created; because ideas have to live. REALIZATION COMPLETED IN 2014