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The Landscape equipment for cities
Designed By:Kovalchuk Olha
Commissioned by:student project
Country by:Ukraine

This project is a development of detailed design of park and garden system. The major concept here is the transformation of hexagonal modules, where the seating surface goes into a particular functional object. The modules of hexagonal shape are well-combined & build up a variety of patterns & each pattern resembles a continued organism. To be more exact, this is a system, including the following modules: an umbrella, a bike-stand, a table, an easel, a litter-basket, a lamp-post, an information block. The umbrella is a transforming bench, by pushing the seat it is pulled out upwards & the adjunctive surfaces come out of the holes, which are like an accordion connection, link up with a dap of a fitting shape then another seating surface comes out by itself. The bike-stand module is very much alike the previous one, but in this case the transformation is possible by means of the side frames, they open by pressing a hollow near the seat what makes a prop with the wheels’ holder come out from the side frame. The table & easel modules represent a close-connected module that has a regulated declivity & turn, here we observe an automatically-mechanical operation concept. Speaking in a more detail way, I should admit, that firstly it is a one-piece bench that gets lifted automatically with a push in its midpoint, that gives an opportunity to settle the angle of slope & turn, so we can fix the height dimension of this module as an easel, where there are two bangers for canvas or paper are embedded into, they come out with the help of a push & so, we can start drawing a fine landscape picture & so on. The information block is a simple module, here we can also settle the angle of slope & turn. In the center of it there are four large securely attached displays with a protective water-repelled & dustproof covering. The litter-basket is a self consistent module, it has four panels between the holes of which there are diodes for the optional lighting, switching on automatically at sunset. The lamp-post is alike the litter-basket in a way, it also has four edges & holes with diodes, but on its top there is the main source of light – a hexagon-shaped lamp, similar to a facetted stone. In general arrangement of this system, we should take into account a spare parcel of land in the centre for gardening, without any modules. Gardening is the focal point, as we know, the amount of green zones decreases, & the proposed system is created to deal with this problem.