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Mirror for everyone
Designed By:Nastasia Fomina
Commissioned by:no
Country by:Ukraine

Mirror in size of person’s height. Look at your personal mirror, don’t distract on unnecessary details. The mirror proves that for creation of individual space it is not obligatory to hang up the portrait. The mirror established in apartment will remind the owner, the mistress or all members of a family, including a cat. It can be used not only as a decoration, but also as a functional big mirror. It gives the chance to look on yourself and only on yourself, without distracting on superfluous details. It is possible to add own individuality by means of markers – to paint clothes elements on the silhouette. Materials: mirror, MDF. Sizes: he: 185 cm × 53 cm; she: 170 cm × 40 cm; cat: 42 cm × 60 cm.