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Cloth hanger "Puppeteer"
Designed By:Volodymyr Pashkov
Commissioned by:Any furniture manufacturer
Country by:Ukraine

Just a minute ago you was ready to take those puppets in your hands but now they are carrying part of your personality. Beware! It is easy to be manipulated in contemporary world. Observation of small flat's spaces is a base for this design. Hanging construction saves floor space for other goods or furniture and at the same time has obvious artistic look. Telescopic hanger allows to set convinient height. For fastening to the ceiling usual dowel with ring is used. Details of the product can be produced by simple methods of manufacturing. Cutting and drilling are using for metal parts. All wooden parts are made on lathe machine and after that by drilling and gluing. Any kind of wood can be used. Variety of finishing: oil coating, lacquer or paint.