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Diamond spot
Кем разработано:Daniela Krákorová Komatović
По заказу:Diamond spot
Страна :Сербия

The whole jewelry store was planed step by step and attention was paid to every detail. There are three main colors in interior, which are the main colors of precious jewelry : gold, silver and colors of pearls, combined with black and white. The walls are painted with gold and silver color, furniture is made with black and white materials. The counter is made of black crushed river marble and the showcases for jewelry which are made in the form of a proposal ring are completely special. In the showcases, which are located in the window, I added LED lighting, which is programmed to make natural, attractive and interactive glow from diamond jewelry. Inspired with free shape sapphires, I designed a lot of things in the store to be free shaped, like central table, ceiling etc.