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Stream Stove
Кем разработано:SHIH-HSUAN HUANG
Страна :Тайвань (Китай)

The stream stove is designed to allow the water to flow away the dirt generated during the cooking by allowing the water flow covering the surface of the stove to achieve automatic maintenance and cleaning, and also make the stove a fountain decorations in the kitchen. The stove design has elevated rear row, which considered the user's ergonomics and maintaining the kinetic energy of the water flow, let user access easier. The slight inclination of the stove surface will keep the water stay over the surface. The water flow switch has a timing setting. When the stove is not used, the water flow will be turned on at regular intervals to maintain the water level of the stove surface. The water flow will be automatically turned on when the gas is on, and will increase the water flow for a period of time after turn off the gas to increase the flushing force to clean the stove surface, user only needs to clean the sieve after cooking.