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Кем разработано:Jan Farn Chi
По заказу:Jan Farn Chi
Страна :Соединенное Королевство

Elaps represents the serendipitous events Jan Farn sees every day - a communication between natural light and stretching darkness while time is passing. The idea came from the shadow created by natural light through the windows and venetian blinds, which always attracted Jan Farn’s attention. She set out to record the atmosphere and surroundings changing at home while time passes and light crosses naturally along the day. ‘ There is a sort of spectacular magic, which performs like a response to the nature of the Earth. This serendipity stimulates me every day, and I want to share this beauty with people. ‘ Jan Farn. Through her daily meditations and experimentation, she discovered the magic of the shadow and the subtle effects that she wants to bring to the audiences. Then she formed her design of the furniture based on the shapes and shadows she discovered, and further developed this by embracing glass and its interaction with light. The choice to create free-standing furniture was to give Elapse a wide stage that allows the scene to unfold and perform in the whole space without obstructions.