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Jemparingan Chair
Кем разработано:Pandu Laksono Mukti
По заказу:Cocoon Asia Yogyakarta
Страна :Индонезия

In order to comebine both of Indonesian privilage which is remarkable craftmanship and various culture. This chair is inspired by traditional archery art from the old Mataram called “Jemparingan”. As the impact of modernism, many people in indonesia are no longer interesed with their own culture. So the designer have a vision to represented indonesian culture back to the society. In this case javanese traditition that have characteristic to be elegance, simplicity, balance and life comfortably. The designer believes that products from good quality machines have never be the same with products made from remarkable craftmanship. Every acts of the crafter contain with heart, mind and soul. Reclaimed wood also choosen because it will not harm the balance of the world.